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search engine terms (SET) week ending 02/27/2010   2 comments

Here are the search engine terms that have lead people to my site over the last week.

clinical nursing 2
dentist comic 2
drawing on experience 2
measuring urine output 2
blood pressure comic 2
my holiday experience 1
bed baths nursing 1
catheter pee 1
how to assess cranial nerves 1
nursing comics on pain 1
exam legend 1
comic eye doctor 1
nursing head to toe assessments 1
head to toe assessment 1
cranial nerve examination pictures 1
weight gain comics#

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apparently I’m a dick   9 comments

suicide assessment   3 comments

the invasion of iracki   4 comments

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wii are having a baby… 4 actually   1 comment

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search engine terms that lead to my site   2 comments

Here is a list of the search engine terms that have lead people to my website.  This list is from the last 7 days:

funny fracture comic 2
peg—percutaneous endoscopic gastronomy 2
food gluttony 2
examination of cranial nerve 1
escalator comic 1
school nursing, comic 1
kung fu cats comics 1
nursing comics pain 1
cliche comic 1
eye doctor comic 1
12 cranial nerves made easy 1
+”weight gain” +comic 1
weight gain drawing 1
hungover comic 1
school exam comic 1
eye test drops 1
yoga comic

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nursing school hates my body   4 comments

valentine’s day 2010   4 comments

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