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blood glucose of 725 is not SO SWEET   Leave a comment

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I read this hilarious post over at Nurse Kenny’s blog

The art work was pretty good too… hehe

Posted 06/22/2010 by William Hardy in All the other crap.

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Completely True Facts about My Life #2 – My Pediatric Dentist   Leave a comment

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ride of silence 2010   1 comment

To see more on my accident click here…

a moment to bask in my awesomeness…   Leave a comment

offline for a few days   Leave a comment

Eva, Goober, and I are moving to a new apartment this weekend and I will be offline for a few days. I hope y’all are well out there in the “blogosphere” and I’ll be back with the “funnies” next week.


Posted 06/11/2010 by William Hardy in All the other crap.

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