apparently I’m a dick   9 comments


9 responses to “apparently I’m a dick

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  1. You should find the persona and draw a vagina on their paper.

  2. Wow, that’s so weird and random. I think you’re much cooler than a dick or lowly semen if that helps.

  3. That’s well, um, bizarre. On the other hand, you’re classmates on your list are pretty cool, though I’m sure Kurt is dead. 🙂

  4. Kurt is dead…. but dammit if he is not my favorite author of all time.

  5. Uh… wow. That’s just wrong.

  6. We should have a handwriting analysis done. How odd!

    Catherine LoRe
  7. Turns out it was Kim Iracki!!!!

  8. Well, now that you know who it is, are you plotting your revenge? I like the vagina drawing idea, but it might be too predictable.

    Catherine LoRe
  9. hahahahahahahahahaaha.. ohhhh Iracki..

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