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calling in sick   2 comments

Sorry for the delay.. but I am working to get over being sick.  Hope to be back up and running soon.


Posted 11/29/2010 by William Hardy in All the other crap.

Taking a Holiday   Leave a comment

I’ll be gone for about a week for the holiday.  See you next week and have a great Thanksgiving.


Posted 11/23/2010 by William Hardy in All the other crap.

All I want for Christmas is my…   3 comments

Weekly Fitness Update   Leave a comment

It’s Sunday and you’re probably wondering where my fitness update comic is.  I have decided to no longer post a weekly record of my exercise and fitness. Instead I will post a monthly.


Posted 11/21/2010 by William Hardy in Weekly Fitness Record

Homeless cutlery collection (part 2)   2 comments

Homeless cutlery collection (part 1)   3 comments

Goober is a great name!   4 comments

sleeping in…   1 comment

Weekly Fitness Week 7   Leave a comment

127 hours   1 comment

joy is short lived   2 comments

goober gets wild at the dog park (not really)   2 comments

breaking into my own apartment   1 comment

out to celebrate   2 comments