250 cc’s of excitement   8 comments



8 responses to “250 cc’s of excitement

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  1. Cool illustration. I was just curious about the rationale for the 250cc flush…?

  2. No it was def 250 ml. My rationale? The professor.

  3. The prof. Heh. You actually made me laugh out loud. 🙂 Anyhow, look it up for your own info, to practice when your licence is safely in hand. 250cc wouldn’t probably hurt the patient,but… any indication of cardiac or renal problems and I think there might be Trouble in Patient City. . .

  4. What about the Youth in Asia?

  5. Oh Keegan!

  6. I thought I updated the rationale but must have forgot… it was to provide water to the patient in addition to receiving the flush. She was not taking anything by mouth.

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