search engine terms (SET) week ending 02/27/2010   2 comments

Here are the search engine terms that have lead people to my site over the last week.

clinical nursing 2
dentist comic 2
drawing on experience 2
measuring urine output 2
blood pressure comic 2
my holiday experience 1
bed baths nursing 1
catheter pee 1
how to assess cranial nerves 1
nursing comics on pain 1
exam legend 1
comic eye doctor 1
nursing head to toe assessments 1
head to toe assessment 1
cranial nerve examination pictures 1
weight gain comics#

Posted 02/27/2010 by William Hardy in Search Engine Terms

2 responses to “search engine terms (SET) week ending 02/27/2010

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  1. “catheter pee” hahahaha

    • That’s the same one I started laughing out loud about too.

      It is hilarious what people search for and interesting to see how they end up here on your blog.

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