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Transition   1 comment

So the transition from day shift to night shift has been challenging.  Once I get a hold of my schedule I’ll have posts.  Sorry for the delay.


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The things I run into   3 comments

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newbie or knew it?   3 comments

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Happy Birthday Martin Luther King Jr.!   2 comments

December Fitness Record   1 comment

Holiday wrap-up (part 3)   2 comments

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Spotty? More like absent…   2 comments

I’ll be back Sunday night with comics… yea!


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Spotty over the next two weeks   4 comments

My posts are going to random and few over the next two weeks.  I start night shift in two weeks and I am spending a little extra time enjoying “daytime” activities until then.  Come mid January you can expect to see more posts, but until then I will be slacking off a little… sorry.  Enjoy the sunlight and I’ll be back soon.


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holiday wrap-up (part 1)   3 comments