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midterms… see ya in a week   3 comments

I am starting midterms Monday and will be finished Friday.  I’ll be back next weekend!


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styling my leg hair   Leave a comment

new clinical sites   1 comment

new quarter, same schedule, same joke   Leave a comment

look familiar? It should.. click here…

2/3 left 1/2 thru   3 comments

Goober got sick.   5 comments

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haircut… clipping my wings   Leave a comment

Ben Folds!!!   2 comments

Teelo’s new MANtuary   Leave a comment

Spring Break goes to the dogs!   2 comments

2nd Quarter Final Exam Ninjas   Leave a comment

Don’t remember the final exam ninjas? Click here…

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the novelty of studying ahead of time   Leave a comment

pigeons like to poop on Eva   2 comments