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  1. Haldol is a wonderful and magical drug. 🙂

  2. Good ole Vitamin H.

    Kind of (for me, anyway) bizarre you have to get an order for someone to watch her one-to-one.

    • Yeah, we have to have an order. This way a nursing assistant (or security, or whoever) can officially be assigned to watch the patient. It is a pain in the ass but if we didn’t have to get an order, we might have 1:1s for every patient on the floor. (hehe)

  3. Good times. At the end of my last shift, an 87 y/o female arrived via ambulance. After demanding a drink of water, she informed me that she had just had a baby in the shower. As I oriented her to place and situation, she told me she knew she was in the hospital b/c she had just had a baby in the shower (I guess I wasn’t listening when she told me the first time). I was more than glad to give report to the incoming nurse. My brain was already full from 12-hours of mental aerobics.

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