First week on the Floor (Part 1)   5 comments


5 responses to “First week on the Floor (Part 1)

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  1. Sadly, some patients don’t know what PRN (as needed) means.

  2. Yikes, and welcome to nursing, Will!

  3. Welcome to nursing. Maybe we should have warned you of the not so fun part of nursing. Always remember ABCs – airway, breathing, and circulation and not the biggest pain in the butt followed by the . . . I’m always frustrated when I’m trying to get a patient’s oxygen saturation above 90% and someone keeps ringing the call bell b/c they dropped their blanket on the floor.

  4. Always remember that pain cannot kill you -but clearly this guy has other problems. Maybe a psyc consult? Or maybe security..

  5. Not exactly the best verbal response to a (any) patient, even if he/she is a drug seeking junkie. Despite the nuissance it may cause the nurse, the patient’s experience needs to be validated by recognition of their feelings with out the nurse becoming defensive and ordering a patient to ‘calm down.’ It negates the patient’s feelings and closes the door on a good therapeutic nurse-patient relationship.

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