“urine” the big city now, kid!   7 comments

seems this happens a lot.. remember this guy?


7 responses to ““urine” the big city now, kid!

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  1. Oh well —(mostly)all urine is sterile.

  2. remember your comic where you are carrying Goober on the steps because mgmt said dogs were peeing in the elevator (#154)? There was a bum in that one too – peeing in the elevator.

  3. Is that Conan O’Brien in panel 2?

  4. Haha, urine barely bothers me anymore. Just salty water. Still, in public? Yeesh.

    How are the workouts coming along?

    • They are coming though not as much as I would like. I am shadowing 12 hour days a few days a week at an ICU… what i don’t gain in muscle power, I will get in brain power.

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