mom’s visit to philly was historic   6 comments


6 responses to “mom’s visit to philly was historic

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  1. Oooooooooooooh.

    My undergrad major was classical literature & civilization… say ancient Egypt and my ears perk up pretty quick. My major focus was on ancient Greece, but I took a semester of hieroglyphs and one of Egyptian history (plus one of Persian/Greece history, which is a whole lotta Egypt, too)… love love love it. If you ever get the chance to go to the British Museum in London, take it – easily one of my favorite places on Earth because of their amazing collection of classical/Egyptian art & artifacts. (I mean, the freakin’ Rosetta Stone is there. Just sittin’ there, waiting for you to come say hi and nearly faint at the linguistics-nerd joy of being next to the Rosetta Stone… or maybe that’s just me…)

  2. Will: Your mom looks so young. Also, good luck to your wife in nursing school.


    PS: I figured out how to subscribe to your blog. It is very entertaining.

    Mark Gallagher
  3. Bike accident? How far back do I read to find out about that?

  4. Dude. That’ll ruin your whole day.

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