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10 responses to “my guide to surviving failing the HESI

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  1. There is just nothing in the world like a supportive wife.

  2. And apparently the shower washed off my face stubble… artistic whoopsy!!

  3. You in the shower. . . you ain’t no Randolph Mantooth, are you?

  4. Hang in there – YOU WILL succeed! I graduated from nursing school two years ago and a supportive spouse does make a difference.

  5. I’ve heard of so many people failing the HESI, some multiple times. A lot of it is actually test anxiety rather than not knowing the material. These people all eventually passed and went on to pass their NCLEX exams and are now happily working. It all works out! But yes, I agree.. having a supportive spouse or significant other is very helpful.

  6. Thank you for the kind words of support.

  7. Nice blog and artwork! I just found it. I will favorite and come back often. I envy people who are artists! My son did manage to inherit a little of it from somewhere in our genetic pool but certainly not from me!

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