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  1. I worked as one of those actors until I moved to a new state for NS. It’s a lot of fun – one of my favorite jobs ever. It’s interesting to watch the development in professional skills, especially with the med students, through their three years – the first years are absolutely terrified, the second years still miss an awful lot clinically, and the third years generally are fully competent. It’s impressive.

    The nurses were always a mixed bag – most of them were good, but there were always some that just didn’t appear to give two shits. I always hoped those ones either got it together or left the program. The dentists were always the most compassionate – they must really drill that into their heads. (haha, drill, get it?) PA’s and NP’s always impressed me too, considering they were all still students… the programs at my alma mater (where I worked) were very good ones.

  2. Nicely done- it was so nerve-wracking for me.

  3. We never got to do stuff like that in Nursing school. We always got the real thing……

  4. I was one of those actors before I started nursing school myself. It helped to see the other side first.

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