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I have been toying with the idea of going back to a simple 2-3 color scheme (see the older black and white comics). With everything starting to pile up, classes, clinical, home, spending time with my wife, pug, trying to have a social life, I am limited on time. And I was looking at a few older comics and there was something cool about the simplicity of it all. I was curious to what you the reader thought. Please leave comments as I would love to read them.

PS new post tonight (hopefully).


Posted 05/18/2010 by William Hardy in All the other crap.

3 responses to “interested in your thoughts…

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  1. i liked your black and white ones too! i agree with the simplicity being cool. my faves were probably black and white with the color on sundays. super classic.
    whatever you decide, im happy as long as i get to enjoy some more strips. you’re so talented!

  2. I think whatever works best for you. You are super talented either way and they are all amazing. 🙂 If drawing is cathartic for you, and you want to still be able to squeeze it in with everything else going on, then go with whatever is easier for you. Just make sure you don’t give it up. I will miss it too much! :p

  3. Black and white look great! Reminds me of the Newspaper Funnies that I used to read when younger 🙂

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