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Since I am stil a little under the weather and not drawing… here is a list of recent search engine terms… I hope you enjoy.

weight gain comics 4
nursing school alcohol 4
nursing school 3
hipaa illustrations 3
nursing school drawings 2
nurse testing cranial nerve 2
nursing break picture 2
intravenous nursing 2
oral cancer comic 2
comics exams 2
comic about family leave 2
flirting comic 1
rock climbing drawing 1
head to toe exam 1
vagus examination 1
first day of clinicals experience 1
exam panic comic 1
a student nurse first day experience on 1
eye exam + comics 1
comics, headache 1
school assessment comic 1
how to administer meds through a peg tub 1
yarp compliance 1
angry pug 1
nursing comics on pee 1
incontinent diversion 1
the image of when i am alone 1
comics about exams 1
hipaa comic 1
images of peg tubes 1
drawings of a person alone 1
peg feeding 1
first day of clinical experience 1
nursing comics on catheters 1
pee art 1
nursing student comic 1


Posted 03/30/2010 by William Hardy in Search Engine Terms

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