S.E.T. week ending 3/13/10   3 comments

Here are the search terms that have lead websurfers to my website…  This week I am partial to “fat gluttony cat” but my rather juvenile side giggles at “pee drawing.”

yoga comic 2
is a dental cleaning painful 2
cliché comic strips 2
nursing school 2
fat gluttony cat 1
sterile field 1
nursing comics blog 1
dentist comic 1
rock climbing drawing 1
weight gain comic 1
climbing comic 1
nursing school comic 1
cranial nerve i examination 1
pee drawing 1
patient safety dental comics 1
nurse blog 1

Posted 03/13/2010 by William Hardy in Search Engine Terms

3 responses to “S.E.T. week ending 3/13/10

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  1. I had to laugh a little when I saw “fat gluttony cat” as well. Really?

    I am enjoying these posts. It is so interesting (and sometimes pretty funny) to see what people search for and how they end up here.

  2. I agree…. I have been tempted to put random tags into my posts just to see what happens… but I know that I wouldn’t. I believe the legit searches are more fun…

  3. Who searches for “pee drawing”?

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