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PLEASE NOT THE FOLLOWING COMIC WILL NOT BE THE NEW FORMAT. I have switched to producing my comic digitally as opposed to hand drawn. The software I have ordered (Photoshop, Illustrator, and Coral Painter) has not arrived in the mail yet. And instead of causing my reader to wait even longer, I thought I would put up something instead of nothing. The program I used to draw with does not do dialogue bubbles and such… It acts basically like a sketch pad. Anyway here is something new, but not exactly the way I want it. I should have my software this weekend and thus will provide you all with more awesome DOE comics. Thanks for the wait and the continued support.

PS.. I varied in a few ways from panel to panel as I am exploring techniques and tools.

I used to have to draw every comic by hand. I would draw the image in pencil and then ink to produce a final image.

Next I would scan the image onto my computer and load the image into paint shop pro (super old school program). Next I would spend hours cleaning up the image, because real paper is not white and ink is not black. Rather paper is shades ofgray and ink is shades of browns and grays. After clean up and converting the image into just black and white, I would add gray or color and then add the text bubbles. Finally I would upload the finished comic to wordpress.

But now I can draw directly onto my new laptop via my Wacom Tablet. I have the Wacom Cintiq 12. It massively cuts down the time required to get my drawing onto the computer.

After I finish the comic in roughly 1/3 the time it use to take to produce a comic, I can post for you, the faithful reader!


4 responses to “#121… kinda

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  1. since you save 1/3 of the time making the comics, more comics are always welcome.

  2. Too cool, Will.

  3. looking really good poodle

  4. Yay! So now we get more comics?

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