SET Week Ending 03/06/10   2 comments

This week’s search engine terms… I like “secret head to toe exam”… why was it secret?

nursing student comic 2
yoga comics 2
how to administer meds peg tube 2
hiking naked 1
fat weight gain comics 1
weight gain comic 1
exam legend 1
head to toe examination 1
cranial nerves exam sno testing 1
yoga cómic 1
weight gain comics 1
hospital patient privacy comic 1
peg tube 1
dentist comic 1
secret head to toe exam 1
images comic eye drops 1
dental comic 1
dental check up comic 1

Posted 03/06/2010 by William Hardy in Search Engine Terms

2 responses to “SET Week Ending 03/06/10

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  1. Hiking naked? Really? lmao

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