dinner at Annie’s (pre-snowpocalypse)   6 comments


6 responses to “dinner at Annie’s (pre-snowpocalypse)

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  1. Should I send a shovel? Sled dogs? Brandy? Just so you know, I’m thinking of you, and really trying not to laugh.

  2. I’m loving this snowpocalypse…. We are calling this round of snow the More-easter… get it? haha… lame. But yes, shovels and brandy are a sure way to have an attack of angina… so send them down our way.

  3. Aw Eva you made apple pie !!! How did it go? How did you make it?? Was this the cheddar cheese pie crust recipe?

  4. i believe this picture is a tad inaccurate. i do not have blinds on my front windows, i have curtains. re-do!

  5. Blinds are WAY more fun to draw than curtains…. Sorry re-do has been rejected.

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