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  1. Brilliant.

    I think I slept through most of obstetrical nursing. And except for about 30 seconds writing the exam, I don’t remember anything except the phrase “boggy fundi” which is always good for a laugh at parties.

    I have to wonder though, by the time you get to evaluating the peak effectiveness of varies types of insulin, how much is anyone really retaining?

  2. My class is essentially a bucket with a small hole at the bottom. But because we keep filling it up with information and are tested so quickly (10 weeks per quarter for a whopping 4 quarter total program) no one notices the leak….

  3. ps… have you ever considered having your name on your comments serve as a link to your site…… ie the “Comment by torontoemerg” with tortonoemerg hyperlinked

    • I’ve wondered about this. On some WP sites it seems to go up automatically, on others not so much…I was thinking it had something do with the page’s settings… please enlighten me, o wise one.

  4. I AM SO GLAD ITS ALL OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Might I add that I am jealous you have 4 classes each lecture day instead of 2!!!!

  6. I might ALSO add that I LOVE how you kept everyone in the background EXACTLy the same –like no one else’s brain wants to explode during class except for yours. HAHA! That was my first 2 semesters in a nut shell.

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