Dr. Alan Grant ain’t got nothing on me!   3 comments


3 responses to “Dr. Alan Grant ain’t got nothing on me!

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  1. i die!

  2. Throw that T rex some jolly ranchers!! >cheezy laugh< I love your interpretation of stressful events. We had the same thing at the end of 1st semester. DO IT RIGHT OR FAIL. One of my classmates failed for her blood draw because she forgot to retract the needle..she was not a happy camper, but the teachers let her come back another day to re try and everything was okay! (She advanced to the master's level BTW). We each had to draw 2 things from a hat and we'd have to perform the task correctly. I prayed to God I didn't get Oxygen (knowing what rates, and how to calculate the % of O2 with each Liter you add to the mask <–which we had to know all the types of masks) -and luckily I got inserting a Foley and how to give PO meds and eye drops. Whew!!

    It reminded me of wagering with the devil while trying to walk on a tight rope over water with pirhanas jumping out at you.

  3. This is awesome! I’d like to use it in a paper I’m writing (nothing cool, just nursing theory class) on lateral violence. As part of the paper I have to find art that depicts the concept. How would you like me to cite you?
    Congrats on the job!

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