video games, rooftop adventures, and learning defeat   2 comments


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  1. Hey, i was just wondering how you do the comics, since they look really good… Are you using a wacom type accessory or a tablet PC where you can write right on the screen? I couldn’t ever get used to those pen accessories, since you are looking one direction while drawing another place.

    just curious… —tom

  2. No actually I pencil everything on paper (the old fashion way) and then ink by hand (Micron pens are usually what I use). I then scan the image onto my computer and clean up the colors.. (ie paper is not actually white, so i blend the various colors of off white to one solid white color. I do the same for the ink because ink usually is a mix of browns and blacks.) I then add words and speech bubbles. Actually the program I use is Paint Shop Pro 7. It is about 8 years old, but it does the trick. Come to think of it my scanner is about the same age… I would love to have a photoshop program, but I can’t afford it right now. The tablet seems like a fun thing to try, but I have not had the opportunity yet.

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