New photo header   5 comments

New eyeglasses equal new look, so that means NEW PHOTO HEADER! As you can see the beard is growing in, again. I wish I had the time to produce work of this quality for every post… but so is life…

Have no idea what I mean by growing my beard again? Click here

Have no clue what I mean by changing header? Here is the old one…


5 responses to “New photo header

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  1. Not sure which I like better, the old version with the slightly goofy look, or the new bespectacled slightly psychotic one… each is curiously appealing… (beginning to think I’ve been working in the ED too long…)

  2. Why is Goober so sad?

  3. Not gonna lie, the new header scares me.

  4. This is what nursing school has done to me…. and Goober is sad because she misses sleeping in with me in the morning. I abandoned her to get an education.

  5. First, you look like Perez Hilton. Second, you are still ugly either way.

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