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  1. yay Will!

  2. you need to add glasses to you face now booboo.

  3. This woman is insane! No one even takes blood pressures this way, they all use Dinamaps. GOD I remember doing blood pressures the “old fashioned” way –it was so hard to get…and then it finally dawned on me that you can’t hear the pulse until enough pressure is applied -I was so frustrated because I’d try to listen for the pulse and no pressure on the cuff was going. Aaahhhhg good thing they made that a huge deal because that was the last time we ever had to do that!! Oh nursing school….

  4. SIL I have to disagree. I believe that the techniques I learned regarding vital signs are among the most important of all the skills I have learned. I am not one to put the life of a patient in the hands of a Dinamap solely. Granted this device is used frequently for patients in hospitals, but I still want to rely on my skills as a HCP and not a computer. Furthermore, research is emerging to suggest that over use and dependence on the Dinamap has resulted in many recorded errors in Blood Pressure.

  5. Wil — you’re right. Speaking anecdotally as a crusty old triage nurse, sometimes the machine doesn’t work, especially if the pulse is irregular or thready. If I don’t get the BP on the first try, I reach for the manual cuff. Which, I should say, can be done faster at any rate if you’re experienced — and I think the research has shown is more accurate.

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